Welcome and Introduction

John Smith
Statue of Captain John Smith at Historic Jamestowne

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

  • Who am I?

My name is Robert Van Ness. I’m a former high school history teacher, but now I manage a grain elevator in Southeastern Virginia. I’ve lived in Virginia most of my life, but I’m not a native Virginian. I was born in Florida, and came to the Old Dominion as a Navy Brat.

  • Why Virginia History?

I’ve studied and written about much history, but after having lived in Virginia for many years, I find no other region more endearing and enriching. It is my desire to share as much of that endearingly rich history as possible.

  • How will this project be undertaken?

History, let alone Virginian History, is an enormous subject. In an effort not to overwhelm both myself and the audience, my plan is to focus upon a linear approach. From time to time I may deviate from the path due to a history trip that may have been taken.

  • How will information be shared?

Information will be shared in two ways primarily – Podcast and Photography. Written blog posts may accompany both media, but at this point it will not be the focus. My goal is to upload at least one podcast a month, but I will be adding other content more sporadically (ie, as often as I take a personal history trip).

Finally, I’m not a professional podcaster or photographer by any means, and will greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback that may be given. I hope what I offer is exciting, informative, and inspires you, my audience, to travel your region and find those same endearing and enriching adventures. If you happen to live in Virginia, I hope this work will add a greater love of the land we call home.

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