Jamestown Series

Events Leading to Jamestown’s Founding

Getting to Virginia

Jamestown Day

Uneasy Times

Death in the Summer

John Smith Takes Action

John Smith Explores the Chesapeake Bay

President John Smith – Part 1

President John Smith – Part 2

John Smith’s Time Nears the End

Shipwreck in Bermuda!

The Starving Time

Paradise, Freedom, Mutiny, Disaster

Salvation, War, Uncertainty – Lord Delaware Arrives

Dale’s Arrival, The Cittie of Henricus, and Bermuda

How Pocahontas Became Rebecca Rolfe

The Rolfe’s, Tobacco, Plantations, and Pocahontas’ Death

James River Plantations Part 1

James River Plantations Part 2

James River Plantations Part 3

Special Episode – The First Thanksgiving, Virginia 1619

1619 – Women and Angolans Arrive

1619 – Representative Government Is Formed

The Virginia Company’s Fall – Part 1

The Virginia Company’s Fall – Part 2, Opechancanough’s 1622 Massacre

The Virginia Company’s Fall – Part 3