The Mariner’s Museum


(This is not a paid advertisement! This is simply an amazing deal to an incredibly fascinating museum, and it had to be shared.)

The Mariners’ Museum is offering  a special $5 admission available on Saturday 12/4. I cannot express in print or in spoken word how wonderful this museum is, so a few pictures from my recent visit with Brandon Huebner of the Maritime History Podcast will have to suffice.

I hope that my few pictures sufficiently enticed you, the reader, to visit this wonderful museum! There is so much more to see, such as the world’s largest figurehead collection, artifacts from the age of exploration, pieces from the Napoleonic era (including rigging from Nelson’s HMS Victory), and much more.

If you can make it out to the Newport News, VA museum, you will be very glad you did, as this attraction is worth well more than the special admission being offered.


A huge attraction at the Mariners’ Museum is the USS Monitor Center, where the Museum is preserving artifacts from the Monitor‘s wreckage, such as the main gun turret.
Brandon Huebner, of the Maritime History Podcast, enjoying the USS Monitor‘s remade captain’s quarters
In addition to the fascinating exhibition dedicated to the USS Monitor, the Museum recreated a life-size model of the famous ironclad.
Though there are many exciting artifacts and exhibits throughout the Museum, the most breathtaking, in my opinion was the Crabtree Gallery, which contains ship models, such as this longboat.


For more information, and even more of an overview, please check out the Mariners’ Museum website.



All pictures are copyrighted, Robert Van Ness 2015.

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