A Virginia Remembrance – Memorial Day

Virginia is full of remembrance. It has more than 400 years from which to learn. Some of that history is good, some of it is bad, but all of it is worth studying. All of it is worth remembering.

In this special episode of the podcast, we scan a quick overview of a few moments to remember. We start with Jamestown, meander through the Revolutionary period up to the Civil War, after which a young school teacher commemorated Virginia’s fallen. Her action so moved a northern general’s wife to tell her soldier husband about what she witnessed.

Soon, that small action, along with other such actions throughout the country so moved Congress to perpetuate the holiday, thus Memorial Day was born.

On this Memorial Day, as well as all other days, take time to learn about our memorials. Know why they are there. Learn from them. Remember them.





The Featured Image is of Blandford Church, Petersburg, VA, the site of Nora Fontaine Maury Davidson’s moving walk through the nearby cemetery.

Music used for this episode – Louis Armstrong and the Mills Brothers,”Carry Me Back to Old Virginia” available on iTunes, and “Honor – Main Title from The Pacific” by Hans Zimmer also available on iTunes.


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